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And that was Beyond the Border

I’ve been going to this amazing storytelling festival for well over a decade now. And, even though it’s now only on every other year it is as wonderful and magical as ever it was. I love it. It is a complete change of pace for a few delightful days and is, in my opinion, completely unmissable.

I shall be posting a few of the highlights over the coming days as there were many, and not all of them were story related, but all of them were wonderful.

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Edinburgh Fringe 2015: What Would Spock Do?

Edinburgh Fringe 2015: What Would Spock Do?
Edinburgh Fringe 2015: What Would Spock Do?

Ok, I love Star Trek. That’s only fair to say, but even so, this was a lovely little show. It was fun, poignant, and very well done. It was a one man show, and the one man was one of the actors who was in the Frontier Trilogy. He was excellent.

I’ve no idea if this show will go anywhere else after Edinburgh, but if it does I can thoroughly recommend it.