Colas I have enjoyed

This might sound stupid and perhaps it is, but I thought I would write about some of the alternatives to the original cola that I have tried. A couple of which were quite recent.

Bona ColaKarma Cola

I always try to sample different things when I travel (not just cola to be clear), and whilst in Scotland recently I tried these too. The bona cola was not to my taste at all. In fact, I would characterise it as fairly horrible. The Karma Cola on the other hand was quite good. Not the best, but good and I would happily have it again.


Fritz-Cola was really good. I had this in Berlin a few years ago. Sadly I haven’t been back to Germany since, but I would gladly have it again.

One variation that I miss a great deal is Dalston’s Cola. That was lovely, but unfortunately now discontinued. So I have to content myself with Fentiman’s Curiosity Cola, which is lovely.

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