Rebble hackathon

I find myself inextricably drawn back to the Pebble ecosystem, if indeed you can call it that. I had the original Pebble, then the Pebble Time. I got rid of both. The I decided to try something different with an original Pebble that I put on my key ring. I tried that for a few months, but in the end I really had no need for it, it had no real use at all.

Then I heard about this Rebble Hackathon, and once more, my interest is peaked. Why? Well, I have no idea really. For a start I don’t currently even own a Pebble device. However, I’ve been looking on eBay for them again. Once more, why? I do not know. It is probably just an obsession of some kind. I even tried using a Pebble on my key chain.

Sadly that little experiment was never really a success.

Anyway, I’m interested in what comes out from it. The event is running now (18th – 20th November 2022). If you want to find out more here’s the event page.

See, season 3

I have watched all three season of See on Apple TV+. In fact it was one of the things that attracted me to their streaming platform in the first place. Overall, I have to say that for me, the first season was by far the strongest of the three. Not that I am giving away any spoilers at all. However, I will say that the ending was quite satisfying. Of course, you should see it for yourself and make up your own mind, but for me I’m glad to have seen it. It was good if not ground breaking.

I am glad that See was limited to three seasons and not one of those series that rambles on and just fades out badly and gets cancelled. Keeping the story to play out over three seasons worked, although I think it could probably have been done in two. Nevertheless, I think I enjoyed it.