Modified Toy Orchestra – Silfurberg

I make no secret of the fact that I am a big fan of the Modified Toy Orchestra. In fact I think that they are a national treasure. I have a lot of their material including a 7″ single of their amazing version of ‘Pocket Calculator’. In my view it is a great improvement on the original.

So I was really pleased to see a new release from them, ‘Silfurberg’. I bought it on Bandcamp as that is where I buy most music these days. I got the download included in the purchase of the CD, which arrived recently. The CD itself is a work of art and a beautiful object to have. Here are some pictures (quite a lot of pictures actually).

The album itself is pretty good. I have quite enjoyed it. More than anything though I am just pleased that the Modified Toy Orchestra is still going and doing what it does best.