Endlesss, collaborative music making on iOS

Getting things out of Endlesss

You can export your work from Endlesss as a video (see below), but you can also export stems as well, which is very handy indeed if you wanted to take that work on somewhere else.

Getting things into Endlesss

You can use your mic in Endlesss to bring in audio, or use an external interface for something, but as yet there isn’t a way to bring in sample files, which, whilst it isn’t a huge problem right now, is something I’d like to see in the future.

The big deal, collaboration

Of course one of the major features, if not the major feature of Endlesss is being able to collaborate. This is massive, and is the one feature I haven’t really explored as yet. In part this is because I wanted to get more familiar with the app and its capabilities first, but also because I wanted to start off my collaboration(s) with people I know rather than diving straight into the world of public jams. I’m sure they’ll be time for that in good time.

So it’s next on my list to explore, and, when I do, I may update this, or post something separate to explore the topic.

For now …

Here’s something I made with Endlesss that I quite liked.


Finally, Endlesss is also coming to the desktop soon, via Kickstarter. It’ll be interesting to see how that works and how it is integrated with the iOS app and it’s functionality, both in terms of its base capability and also collaboration.

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