Happy Birthday Palm Sounds … 9 years today

There you go, Palm Sounds is 9 years old today. What a journey it has been. I would have never have thought that it would last this long in any form, but it has, and, it appears to still have life in it.

I wonder where it will go next, where it’ll take me. Where mobile music is headed?

Listening to Greg Haines

Since seeing him live at Denovali Festival at the weekend I’ve been interested to hear his recorded output. So I found him on Spotify and had a listen. Well, I’ve been really enjoying his album ‘Where we were’. I’m fairly sure that a lot of that is what he was playing at the Festival.

I think I could really get into this actually. It has nice way of evolving from one track to another and flowing subtly. It also has quite cinematic overtones too, which I enjoy a lot. So I think I may have to listen to some more of his back catalogue on Spotify and hear what else he’s done. So far so good.

3x Aurora

Running Aurora Sound Studio on iPad, iPhone, and Windows Mobile.
Running Aurora Sound Studio on iPad, iPhone, and Windows Mobile.

I’ve been a fan of this music app for years now, and I found this photo that I’d taken of it running on three different devices simultaneously. I still use it a lot for making tracks on my iPhone, so I must get back to using it on Windows Mobile soon. It’ll be interesting to see how different it is or isn’t.

Ex Machina, what a let down

I was actually looking forward to this film. So I bought it on blinkbox last night. Well I couldn’t have been more disappointed. It was dull, misogynistic, vaguely pornographic for no apparent reason, and with a very poorly thought through plot that was full of holes and inconsistencies.

Also, it was boring. So boring, so pretentious. such a let down. I’m seriously considering asking for my money back.

If you haven’t seen it, then seriously, don’t bother at all. It’s awful.