So, Torchwood is coming to Big Finish

I suppose it shouldn’t be a big surprise. They’re producing excellent stories from just about everything else in the Doctor Who universe, so why not? I’m sure it’ll be brilliant and well worth a listen. However, I wasn’t always a massive Torchwood fan. It had its ups and downs. Some episodes were great, others I felt lost their way.

So I hope that Big Finish do a better and more consistent job of producing Torchwood.


I’ve been looking forward to this album since the single was released which was really good, and I think it did deliver. It’s a very cinematic album, and I’ve been enjoying that quality a great deal. But overall this album does feel like an instrumental Depeche Mode album. Not that that is a bad thing necessarily. In fact it probably says a lot about how Depeche Mode works more than anything.

Overall I liked it. I think I probably need to listen to it again though. Probably in a bit more depth.