Is something new happening at Molecule synth?

Molecule Synth from Molecule Synth on Vimeo.

It seems to be a bit of a promo video, but I’ve no idea if anything new is happening with Molecule Synth.

This was the first (proper) single I ever bought


It made a huge impression on me and has influenced my musical choices ever since. I can remember playing it over and over again, both sides of course.

These days, when I find a 7″ copy of it, I feel an overwhelming urge to buy it. So when I found this one in a second hand record store for £1 I did buy it.

I’m sure that eventually I’ll end up with a stack of these. Not that that’s a huge problem of course.

First impressions of Nil By Mouth


I do like instrumental albums, and I enjoyed listening to this one from Blancmange. Not something they’ve particularly been known for in the past. Having said that, one of my all time favourite pieces from them is an instrumental. ‘Sad day’ is a stunningly beautiful piece in my opinion.


Anyway, this instrumental album is rather lovely in places and I’ve quite enjoyed hearing it. As with many instrumental albums I’ve found it all too easy to get distracted from the actual listening process and so it’ll need further and more diligent listening I feel. However, it’s off to a good start, and it isn’t something that’ll be consigned to dark places of my music collection.