At Tech Pitch this week


I always enjoy Tech Pitch, but going along last night was especially good. Great pitches with some super quality start ups and meeting some great people too. A thoroughly enjoyable evening out on the whole.

So it looks like I’m moving to iOS8 today

My iPhone 6 is due for delivery today. So it looks like I’ll move to iOS8 by default. I’m still resisting moving on my iPad Mini, but for my iPhone I think I have no choice. I’ll be letting you know about how I get on and what works and what doesn’t. In some ways I’ll miss my iPhone 5. It’s done well over the last two years even though it does have a defective battery which needs changing.

The two main things I’m looking forward to are having more space as I’m moving from 32 to 64gb, and having a phone where the battery doesn’t deplete in around 2 hours!

Let’s see how that works out. More later.