I’ve been meaning to do this for a while

Having written a blog that’s just about mobile music for just over 4 years I thought maybe I’d start to write something about me and what I’m up to. A more personal journal if you like. This blog won’t be about the world of mobile music. Although I’m sure that there will be lots of creative stuff that I want to talk about and some of that will inevitably be mobile related in some way. But that’s not essentially what my own blog is about. Having said that, I’m not entirely sure what it is about, but I can tell you what it won’t be about, which is at least a start.

It isn’t about:

  • Boring rants and complaints about the state of this, that or the other in the world / neighborhood
  • It isn’t about what I’m having for lunch
  • It won’t contain excessively dull family details about holidays and days out
  • It won’t just be a another Palm Sounds, although there’ll be a little bit of an overlap

What it will be about will evolve over time, and as it does it’ll be interesting for me to see where it goes.So don’t feel bad if you decide not to read this blog and just stick with Palm Sounds. That’s fine with me.If you do stay with this, the please let me know what you think. As always, I’m interested in comments.


    1. I am going to sort out RSS feeds for Palm Sounds soon, it is on my to do list, so please be patient, it will happen soon.


  1. Your Palm Sounds site is great. Downloaded some brill apps for the iPad/iPhone you have covered and recommended. I produce music on the PC but to be truthful since I purchased the iPad I’ve been banging out tunes more on the iPad. I’m hoping that the music apps get more Soundcloud export. As a matter of interest I’m looking at approaching app developers who are creating games and entertainement apps that require original music and sfx and offering to create stuff. If you know of any please drop me a line. Keep up the great work! I have some old music gear. A Roland W30 and a Korg o5rw if you’d like some pics for the site?


    1. Interesting ideas. It goes in line with some ideas I’ve been thinking about for a while now. I’ll do my best to keep you posted on how they go, and maybe they’ll be useful to you.


  2. Had indeed missed this. Thanks for mentioning it again on Palm Sounds.
    Also, nice to see you wet with WordPress 3.0 instead of Blogger. Tell us if you like it! One of the neat things with WP is th community of people doing neat stuff with it, including plugins and themes. It’s fun to explore the possibilities.


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