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Honk, Conk and Squacket


I’ve been reading this book very slowly, mainly because it is in many ways just a dictionary, albeit a fantastic dictionary. Honk is a dictionary of ‘sound-words’, which is now something of a forgotten art. What need to we have any more of describing a sound when we can just hear it online somewhere within seconds.

Sound-words are fantastic though, they’re fantastical awesome constructions to help you imagine a sound.

The book brings together words from around the UK and the world for that matter. The words come from all ages too. So, if you enjoy sounds and have an interest in words too, this book may well be for you. I can safely say that I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Words that have been overused in 2011

There have been a few words that I’ve come to loathe when I see them in articles and blogs. Not because they aren’t good words but because they’ve ceased to be used as words to convey a meaning and are now just sign posts to signal a movement or trend.

They are:

  • Platform
  • Disrupt
  • Curate

I’m sure that there are many more, but those are the ones that irritate me the most. I find that they just get used for no reason anymore, and then have no meaning whatsoever.

I lost the word capricious

For at least two weeks now I’ve been trying to think of this word. I couldn’t remember is at all. It was lost. To me anyway. I kept thinking of the word mercurial. But it isn’t the same. Not at all.

So now I’ve been reunited with the word capricious again. And what a lovely word it is.