Edinburgh Fringe: The Canterbury Tales


This was a great production of the Canterbury Tales. Only a part of it of course as the show was only an hour and a half I think. But it was very well done by a large group of teenagers who I’m pretty sure I saw last year doing The Agamemnon, which was incredible.

They’re certainly a group who I’d see again.

Edinburgh Fringe: The Hive

Another really good show this year at the fringe was “The Hive”. This was a sort of post-apocalyptic piece about a society where everyone was separated from each other. A set of interesting and somewhat compelling ideas, but most of all I enjoyed how it was presented. The music, set and physical nature of the show were excellent, and whilst I think it suffered from a lull towards the end, it was, on the whole, really well put together.

The performances were also very well executed and I think that the company producing it have a lot to offer.

Edinburgh Fringe: Shakespeare for Breakfast

This is one of my favourite shows at the Fringe. One of those that I always go to see. Which ever play, or indeed, whatever number of them are mashed up it’s always good. Always fun, always inventive. This year was no different at all. It was a great show, lots of popular culture references and plenty of mentions about the referendum too.

Shakespeare for Breakfast has become an institution and long may it continue.

Edinburgh Fringe: The Bunker Trilogy – Agamemnon


This was one of if not the best show I saw in Edinburgh this year. The Agamemnon is one of my favourite plays, as is the Orestia as a whole, but this version, set in a World War One bunker was incredible. The audience was actually placed inside the bunker with the cast and the proximity and intensity of the production made this a completely one off experience.

The performances were excellent. The set was brilliant. Yes, it probably was the best thing I saw all week.

The Edinburgh Fringe

I do love the fringe and this year it was just as good as usual. Full of surprises and not all of them good. It’s one of those completely pot luck experiences that is at once enjoyable and confusing and disappointing too, but I wouldn’t really have it any other way. The fringe is what it is.

In fact I’m not entirely sure that there’s anything quite like it anywhere else. Edinburgh bulges with people during the fringe and it seems that everyone is putting on a show or trying to force a leaflet about a show into your hands. Everyone and everywhere is busy and there’s never a point where there’s nothing going on. It’s fun.

This year I saw a lot of shows and as usual some were good, some were average, and some were downright awful. I won’t dwell on those that were truly dreadful, but over the next few days I’ll post about the ones that were really good and worth mentioning in case you get to see them.

Just back from Edinburgh


Just back from Edinburgh after a week at the festival. It was brilliant as always and I loved it. More on that soon, but I thought I’d post a nice shot of the city for now.

One Night Stan

Another show I saw at Edinburgh this year. Whilst I’m not a massive Laurel and Hardy fan I really enjoyed this production. It was a one man show about the last night that they performed.