Goodbye Randombus

You probably don’t know what this is about, and that’s just fine. RandomBus was a twitter bot that I built with one singular purpose. It was there to suggest new and interesting Audiobus set ups. Now, if you don’t know what Audiobus is then there’s pretty much no point in going any further I’d say.

If you do know what Audiobus is then you’ll understand this a bit more. Basically RandomBus generated 3 random apps to work inside Audiobus. The tweet would have links to all three. All you had to do was to click on them to try out the ‘scene’. Anyway, after running for a couple of years I finally decided to close down the bot. It was fun whilst it lasted, but I’m not sure of its relevance anymore.

Investing in

I remember seeing back at a Music Tech Fest when it was at Ravensbourne college. It was an interesting idea and I was quite curious about it, but I wasn’t sure how I would use it and how it could be useful. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing of course. Sometimes it takes a while for things to find a place in my world and I like stuff to be actually useful to me.

So when I found that was equity funding on Crowdcube I thought I’d take a look. At the same time they’re expanding chirp into the IoT world with an SDK and Arduino code. It’s getting interesting now. Also, they’ve just announced a Chrome extension, which could be fun.

I wonder where they’ll go next.

A visit to Turing Fest

I really wanted to get along to something at Turing Fest this year and as I was in Edinburgh I was able to. It was a bit of a stretch though as I was leaving on the day that Turing Fest started. Anyway, I got along for a session on the first day. The session was about aligning the interests of investors and entrepreneurs. Whilst it was largely based around the Edinburgh start up scene I learnt a lot about the venture capital process itself and how VCs and angel investors look at start ups.

I wish I could have stuck around for more of the sessions, but that wasn’t possible sadly. Maybe next year.

Turning a Mac Mini into a server

One of my next personal projects is to turn an old mac mini into a little server for playing about with. For the most part it doesn’t look to difficult to do, but it might be a fair useful thing to have around.

As yet I’m not completely sure what I’ll use it for, but it might come in handy for stuff and if nothing else it’ll be fun to tinker about with.