Star Trek Postcards

I got these last month and I have to say that they’re brilliant, so I wanted to share them.

Seeing Star Trek Beyond

I only say this movie last night but I have to say that I enjoyed it so much. Don’t worry, there wont’ be any spoilers here!

It was a great story, really good. I was very impressed by the whole thing. It was excellent. I have to say that I’ll probably go and see it again I expect. If you’re a Star Trek fan then you’re in for a real treat. I think that this one might be the best of the three so far.

Watching Star Trek, from the start …

I’ve just finished watching what was the final iteration of Star Trek, “Enterprise”. Of course “Enterprise” was set before the original series of Star Trek, but was the last to be made. Having watched it I’ve now started watched the original series from the start as it’s just turned up on netflix. In fact, it isn’t the only Star Trek series that’s arrived on netflix. In fact they’ve now got the original series, TNG, DS9 and Voyager too. So I now have a unique opportunity, I can watch every episode in strict chronological order.

And that’s what I plan to do now. I’ll be going through the lot!

Watching Enterprise

I remember when this show first came out. I was really looking forward to it. I thought it was a great idea, a prequel to the original series, what could be better. But it didn’t hold my attention, and I eventually lost complete interest after only a few episodes.

The other day I noticed that it was on Netflix and I decided to give it another go and see if my original disinterest was well founded. I’ve been watching season one now up to episode 14, and, whilst it’s ok, it’s not brilliant I have to say. I find some of the characters quite annoying, especially the captain, who just doesn’t seem to learn anything or listen to anyone and doesn’t develop at all.

I think I’ll continue with it, but I now understand why it eventually got cancelled. I don’t think that the writing held up against all the other series.

Edinburgh Fringe 2015: What Would Spock Do?

Edinburgh Fringe 2015: What Would Spock Do?
Edinburgh Fringe 2015: What Would Spock Do?

Ok, I love Star Trek. That’s only fair to say, but even so, this was a lovely little show. It was fun, poignant, and very well done. It was a one man show, and the one man was one of the actors who was in the Frontier Trilogy. He was excellent.

I’ve no idea if this show will go anywhere else after Edinburgh, but if it does I can thoroughly recommend it.

The Menagerie (Star Trek: The Original Series)

I recently watched The Menagerie (Star Trek: The Original Series). I’m sure I’ve seen it before, but it’s great to see it again, an interesting way of using the original first pilot episode in the actual series. I know it’s old, but it’s a good story and it has some interesting ideas too.

I have to say I’m enjoying seeing these old episodes again.

Star Trek: Mudd’s Women

Another totally classic episode from the original series. I watched this one last night, and it was great! Interesting to see how some scenes have been remastered and enhanced, like the shots of the ship.

Classic Trek: The Enemy Within

This is a fantastic episode from the original series. A great idea and a superb opportunity for Mr Shatner to play both sides and have a load of fun with it.

I’m really enjoying the original series, it’s a great to see these old stories.