Early tests of StyleTap on 3G

After I’d gone through the somewhat laborious process of getting apps on the StyleTap emulator I finally got to fire up SoundPad from miniMusic. Now the notes on StyleTap say quite clearly that apps that access native hardware for sound will not work, so my hopes for music applications running inside StyleTap weren’t high. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find that both SoundPad (above), and NotePad worked fine and were, at least initially, usable.

The other thing that I was reminded of on the Palm OS was that you have to have your user name set up correctly or registration codes won’t work, which is very annoying. However, what is more annoying is that StyleTap will only allow you to change the user name once in every 24 hours.

I’ve still got 10 days of my trial left, and if I can get this to be a reasonable device to work with for Palm OS apps then I might even buy the licence.

Testing StyleTap on the 3G again

It was around this time last year that I was experimenting with running various things on my iPhone 3G. Mainly I was trying out Android from the iDroid project, and I’ve been doing that again, but I’m also having a go with StyleTap the Palm OS emulator for jailbroken iPhones. Whilst I’m not holding out too much hope for it to be useful for any old music apps on the Palm, it may have some use elsewhere in the Palm OS universe.

Anyway, I don’t have long to see if it’s useful as I’ve only got 10 days left of the trial period to go before I have to get a licence.

Another lovely find

It’s only a small thing. A serial to MIDI adapter made by miniMusic for connecting Palm devices to MIDI. I’d almost forgotten I had this, then it turned up yesterday. How wonderful

Android on my 3G and emulation

I was thinking about getting Android going on my old 3G and even running StyleTap the palm OS emulator for jailbroken iPhones. Then I realised that I’d done exactly the same thing this time last year and had tried all of the above.

So maybe I shouldn’t bother trying it all over again. But then again maybe I will.

And that’s why I’m still annoyed with Brian Whitman

Because he said he would make capers open source and he didn’t. I emailed him for ages and he never got back to me, so I’m annoyed. I’m still annoyed.

If you didn’t know capers was going to be a replacement operating system for Palm devices. An operating system for music and only for music. How awesome would that be?

But even back when it was being developed it never really saw the light of day, and then many years later he said he’d make it open source. But still we wait …

Getting that TC going again

I found that I had an old Palm TC lying around doing nothing, and after a decent charge it powered up just fine. So I’ve installed iziBasic and ViziBasic on it to see what it can do and more importantly what I can do with it.

I’ve got some new ideas for a few palm OS apps (not webOS). These will almost certainly follow in the footsteps of my older apps which are all sound toys, but I want to see if I can do anything with infrared communication between apps.

Let’s see what I can come up with then.

So NinerPaint is coming to iOS 

NinerPaint was a totally amazing app for Palm OS. It was one of the best Palm OS apps around. Now it’s coming to iOS, and, it’s coming back to Palm OS as well. This is brilliant news. As soon as it’s available I’ll let you know.

Say hello to Fossil …

I’m really loving experimenting with the Fossil. It’s a great old smartwatch from before we called things smartwatches and before we knew what a wearable was. Hopefully in the not too distant future I’ll have some apps for it too.


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Palm Apps from the past …

If you’ve been reading my PalmSounds blog for a long time you’ll know that in the past I’ve dabbled with making my own Palm OS apps with a little bit of success. The apps I made were never going to be totally amazing music production apps, but they were free toys and a little bit of fun to play around with.

Anyway, I’ve moved them all here now and you can get them in the ‘PDA Obsessions‘ page.

I do plan to do some more apps using old Palm OS and some other mobile OS stuff too, most notably Android, but more of that in another post.

For now I hope you like the old Palm stuff. Give me some feedback if you do.

Here are a few other PDA related posts


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