Early tests of StyleTap on 3G

After I’d gone through the somewhat laborious process of getting apps on the StyleTap emulator I finally got to fire up SoundPad from miniMusic. Now the notes on StyleTap say quite clearly that apps that access native hardware for sound will not work, so my hopes for music applications running inside StyleTap weren’t high. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find that both SoundPad (above), and NotePad worked fine and were, at least initially, usable.

The other thing that I was reminded of on the Palm OS was that you have to have your user name set up correctly or registration codes won’t work, which is very annoying. However, what is more annoying is that StyleTap will only allow you to change the user name once in every 24 hours.

I’ve still got 10 days of my trial left, and if I can get this to be a reasonable device to work with for Palm OS apps then I might even buy the licence.

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