I finished reading ‘In the field’, and these are a few things I thought


I’ve found this book inspiring at times, interesting, and once or twice, frustrating. It is a series of interviews with a number of people involved in field recording. It asks them a series of questions about their practice and why they record and for the most part the responses are very well put together.

For someone who has dabbled with field recording on and off for a long time I found this inspiring and illuminating. Some of the reasons given for recording and for what makes a good recording where superb. But the book isn’t just about recording, and in fact, it is very light on any kind of technical detail, which I suppose should come as no surprise as it is subtitled ‘the art of field recording’.

Quite a number of the interviewees talked extensively about listening as well as recording. This is something that I found really interesting and it’s made me think a lot more about the sounds we (I) experience every day. It’s so easy to overlook sounds that you hear all the time and not appreciate them or explore them, and in many ways recording is a way to do just that.

So the book has given me a lot to think about, and some things to follow up on too. I’m intrigued to find out where it’ll take me next.


I was fascinated to see these bees at a local flower show especially given all the news there is in the press about bees dying. They were very beautiful and the noise they made was so interesting I wish I’d had the chance to record them.

Hey, I’m in an app! (called AriVibes)

And what’s more it’s a really cool reactive app as well, which makes it even more of an honor to be in the app. If you haven’t tried it, then you need to try it. What more can I say? Seriously, if you know and love RJDJ or the Inception app or that kind of thing, then you should give this a go. You won’t regret it one bit

Oh yeah, and if you hadn’t noticed, the preset name is AshPalm, for Ashley from PalmSounds.

AriVibes - Ariel Elkin

The Vintage Engine

I recorded these samples whilst watching / helping out at last year’s London to Brighton Vintage Car Rally. I made the rhythm track a while back and them it sat there for ages. Then last week a few ideas came together and this got made.

I hope you like it.

Automating field recording

As part of my ongoing experimenting with Android and Tasker I decided to see if I could get tasker to make a recording every morning at a specific time and then send me a text to confirm it was done.

Well of course tasker is more than up to this and this morning it worked relatively well although I’m having a few problems with getting the file to play now, but I’m sure that’s just teething troubles. Once I’ve got that sorted I’ll start to post the recordings.