Recho hasn’t worked for me, but why?

I had some high hopes for Recho, but as I was sort of spring cleaning apps from my iPhone the other day I noticed it and realised that I hadn’t used it in any way at all for months and month. So I had a look at the Recho web site and it’s still there and still going it seems. But every time I tried it even in London I couldn’t find very many sounds or stories or anything that had been left.

So I wondered if in fact it hadn’t been a big success in the UK? Maybe.

Is it worth giving it more of a go? I don’t know. Perhaps I should try again? Perhaps if I try it now I’ll find more stuff in London? I think it might be worth trying again, even for a few days, just to see if there’s more content and it might be fun.

A field recording to start 2016

I said that I’d try again to create a sound diary of sorts, so here’s a start. I doubt I’ll manage to do this on a daily basis, but maybe weekly will work. So this is my first attempt at a start for 2016. I may post more than one per week, maybe not. We’ll see.

This was recorded in a local park. Very quite although you can hear a plane going over and cars occasionally too. It felt quite though.

It was recorded with my new Zoom h2n.

Thinking about a sound diary

When I was listening to some of my older field recordings I remembered that I’d tried to do a daily recording a couple of years ago. It didn’t last very long sadly. It was a difficult trying to find something every day that was going to be interesting, but it was a good discipline to try for.

I don’t think that I’d be able to maintain a daily field recording diary in 2016, but perhaps weekly might be more achievable? I’ll try it out and see.