Old vinyl: Depeche Mode, See You

DM, See You 12"
DM, See You 12″

I got this 12″ out of purely sentimental reasons. I really liked their early songs and this is a great one.


I’ve been looking forward to this album since the single was released which was really good, and I think it did deliver. It’s a very cinematic album, and I’ve been enjoying that quality a great deal. But overall this album does feel like an instrumental Depeche Mode album. Not that that is a bad thing necessarily. In fact it probably says a lot about how Depeche Mode works more than anything.

Overall I liked it. I think I probably need to listen to it again though. Probably in a bit more depth.

Depeche Mode’s Delta Machine

I’ve been listening to this album again after a long time and really enjoying it all over again. Listening to it reminded me just how long it has been since they released an album, and made me wonder when they’d do that again. I realise that as they all get a bit older they’re going to make less new stuff, but I really hope that it’s not over yet.