Building an Android version of my buzzword generator


I thought it might be fun to build an Android version of this little fun web app thing. I’ve been using MIT App Inventor as it’s very easy to use, in fact, much easier than I thought it would be to make this app. So, when it’s a little bit nearer to completion I might put a video up. I haven’t decided if I want to put it on the Google Play store, or if I’ll just make it available here.

Anyway, it’ll be coming along soon enough.

Editorial for iPad, powerful automation, workflow and scripting for iOS

I bought this app a while ago and have only just really started getting to grips with it, but I’ve started to see just how powerful it is. The real power in this app is in the workflow features. Think Automator for mac, but inside an iPad app that’s built for writing and with added power besides.

Editorial is a nice writing app and has a lot of features for writing and publishing, but its real power comes with a series of built in workflows that are pre-configured to do some straightforward things you might need for writing. These built in workflows are great as a place to start from with automation in Editorial, but making simple workflows is also a very easy process. Workflows are assembled by connecting simple building blocks, almost the same as automator for mac. Building blocks like ‘if … then’ statements, copy, select, etc. Combining these together is easy, and you can make some very powerful automated processes.

But it doesn’t stop there either. The workflow editor can also include python code which vastly expands the options available to any workflow. Obviously writing python code isn’t for everyone, it isn’t easy, but the option is there. There is also another option. There’s now an Editorial workflow directory in beta. If you access the directory from your iPad with the Editorial app installed on the device you can directly install workflows to the app without any difficulty at all. What this means in that you can add complex workflows into the app that have been designed and built by other people and use them for yourself.

Apparently in the next version of Editorial the workflow directory will be even more beefed up so you can upload and download within the app itself. That’ll be popular I’ll bet, and it’ll give everyone access to some great workflow and automation.

I’ve got a long way to go with this app and getting used to creating workflows, but I think that it’ll be worth the time investing in this app. In the end it’ll send a lot of time.

Android Inventor 2 has arrived

I’ve messed about with Android App Inventor since it’s very early days, when Google brought it out and made it available to the public. Then of course it moved off to MIT who’ve done a great job with it so far, and now it’s finally done away with the download and files you need to install. It’s now all in the browser at last. I’m looking forward to trying it out at last.

The only downside is that at the moment there’s no easy way to port projects from App Inventor ‘Classic’  to the new version. Still, that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

My iOS App of the week is …

Pythonista. I’ve been using it to make little scripts to run from Launch Center Pro and it’s quite easy to use so far. I’m enjoying getting to understand how things work and learning about Python at the same time.

But by far the best thing about it is that I’m able to use it for something productive that makes daily tasks easier and that’s really worth doing. So, all in all a great app for automating stuff in iOS and for learning at the same time.

Pythonista - omz:software

Trying out Pythonista for iOS

I read about this app, Pythonista and how much you could do with it, so I finally buckled and bought it. So far I’ve only got to take a look at the sample code that comes with the app, and that’s quite impressive. However, what I’m really interested in is the ability of this app to effectively script iOS.

I think my next step will be to take a look in the forums and see what other people have made with Pythonista. When I’ve got a clearer idea of what’s possible I’ll write something again.

Pythonista - omz:software

techBASIC 2.0

I only just found out about this universal app. It looks really amazing as a BASIC programming environment, but most interesting of all is how it integrates with HiJack, which has grabbed my attention.

The app isn’t cheap though at £10.49, and the HiJack is $79 too, so I’m not diving in straight away, at least not for the HiJack. The app looks good though.

techBASIC - Byte Works, Inc.