Music Tech Pitch 4.5, November 2015

Music Tech Pitch 4.5
Music Tech Pitch 4.5

So another MTP4.5 goes by. This one was really good. I had a great panel of judges and an a great bunch of start ups who were pitching. The debate and questions were insightful and I think that the start ups all felt that they’d had a good chance to get their ideas across.

Interestingly the audience and the judges winners were identical this time, which I’m not sure I’m seen happen before.

App of the week: Business Model Toolbox for iPad is great for developing ideas

I found this app because of some work I was doing around changing business models and revenue flows. It was interesting to read the book that generated this app/tool and use it in a practical sense.

The reviews on the app store for this app say that it’s overpriced for what it is, and I’d probably agree, but then again, given the relative niche market for the app it’s probably not a bad price in terms of the amount of work that went into it.

This app is really aimed at people who want or need to quickly understand the impact of different business models, so in a sense it’s a business model modelling tool, and in that sense it works very well. It’s best suited to that first step in evaluation, but once you’ve lined it up and got it where you wanted it you probably need something else, another tool after that.

The app is priced at £20.99.

Business Model Toolbox - Business Model Foundry