Remember there’s that RandomBus thing right?

I’ve mentioned this on PalmSounds a few times, and here too, but, as I’ve already made a bot called the Wisdom of Pullo and talked about it here a number of times, I thought I’d mention my latest bot, the RandomBus, which I launched a while ago. It was fun to make and hopefully it’ll be fun for anyone who wants to follow it too.


Apple opens up iMessage to developers, maybe in response to FB Messenger bots?

This is what they announced yesterday at the WWDC keynote. It was an interesting but not entirely unexpected development. Apple probably want to compete against the FB developers deploying bots into messenger. So they’ve responded with developer access to iMessage. I wonder how that will work out?


Messing around with chat bots

So I’ve been experimenting with the whole chat bot thing. Messenger chat bots to be precise. It’s a very interesting area actually. Creating a bot that can respond in a rudimentary way to what people are saying to it is quite a fun thing to experiment with. The main idea so far is to make a bot that can respond to questions for PalmSounds. My first attempts are up and running and working though. I’m quite pleased so far, but it needs more work before it’s ready for prime time.


Hello, the bot pages are here

A little while ago I added a few pages for bots under the ‘things’ menu. A page for ‘RandomBus‘, one for ‘Pullo‘ and one for the newest of my bots, VLtonifier.

I plan to add some pages for bots I like, such as the graphic score bot, and that’s probably a bit overdue really. I should get on with that sooner rather than later.