IFTTT’s new Maker channel

I’ve liked IFTTT (or IF as apparently they’re now called) since right back when they started. They’ve gone from strength and delivered some really interesting and useful functionality for connecting the internet in simple ways. They’ve also supported a lot of IoT (internet of things) devices, and now, with the new Maker channel they’re supporting anything you want to use to connect to the internet.

This is a big deal I think. It means all manner of devices can use the IFTTT service with an HTTP post request. I’ve already tried it with my twine device and it works really well. I’m thinking about how to use it with my Pebble Time too. The possibilities are limitless. However, for me, what will be really important is how to make it truly useful. Without that, it is just tinkering for tinkerings sake, and whilst that’s fun, from my perspective it doesn’t get you anywhere.

So, whilst I’ll be trying it out, I’ll mainly be looking for some really useful ways to use the new channel. If I find any that I think are worth sharing, I will.

Getting to grips with Editorial workflows 

I’ve been using Editorial for a while now and never really got to grips with using the workflow functionality in it. That is up until now. I found an actual use for workflows. I won’t bore you with what I’m using workflows for, but I’ve start using it in some very simple ways. Just using simple dialogues and markdown to record information.

It works. It saves me time, and it’s useful. That’s a good combination as far as I’m concerned. I’m hoping that I’ll continue to find new ways to make use of Editorial’s workflow as it has loads of capabilities, and as yet I’m just scratching the surface of what it can do.

So, hopefully you’ll be hearing more about my use of Editorial workflows in the not too distant future. Who knows, I may even share a few!

What to do with a wemo switch?

I’ve had this WEMO switch for ages now, and I got it working doing things like switching on a light depending on twitter hashtags using IFTTT. That’s all fine, and quite good fun, but essentially not too useful. So I’ve been thinking about what I could use it for that would be a really good and useful application of the device.

So far, nothing. No ideas at all. Which is a shame as I think it’s a good idea and should have a use. I just haven’t found it as yet.

IFTTT becomes IF and launches 3 new apps

I’m always interested in seeing what IFTTT do. Now they’ve become IF, or at least their main app has become IF and the interface has changed too. If that wasn’t enough though they’ve launched another three apps as well. I’m not entirely sure that I get the idea behind these three new ‘Do’ apps. Perhaps I need to spend a bit more time with them though, to really get what they’re trying to achieve.

What I’d really like to see them do is …

  • Multiple accounts for a channel, so being able to use more than one twitter account
  • Set times for when a channel runs, so control the frequency, like running something twice a day or every 10 minutes
  • Support for chaining

Let’s see if they do anything like that.

Workflow App Updated

This is an already excellent app. I seem to use it almost daily. Now in version 1.1 the developers have made it even better.

Here are a few of the things that have been added:

  • Duplicate workflows to make your own versions
  • Record Audio
  • Post to Tumblr
  • Add to Pocket
  • Add to Instapaper
  • Create Day One Entry
  • Make Video from GIF

Also they’ve said that more is coming soon, including syncing workflows between devices.

Restarting iOS Automation and beyond

That sounds a bit Buzz Lightyear doesn’t it. It probably isn’t nearly that cool though sadly. Automating doing stuff on your iPhone doesn’t have the same appeal as being Buzz Lightyear. Anyway, back to the subject in hand. I do post about this from time to time. I mention stuff about automating and how it can save time and get things done quicker etc. However, I’m not entirely good at practicing what I preach. My own experiments in automation haven’t been as fruitful. But I plan to change things over the next few weeks and months.

My plan is to find ways of automating things that I actually need to do rather than just automating stuff that seems cool. I also want to only automate when the process of automation doesn’t take so much time to set up that it actually outweighs the time saved in automating whatever it is I wanted to do. Does that make sense?

I’d also like to automate across platforms, into the real world where possible with stuff like WEMO, and find ways to get things done that make sense for me. That’s the plan anyway. I’ll be posting about what works, what doesn’t, what I just don’t get at all, and the stuff I find useful along the way. I hope that it’ll help me or rather, motivate me to get on with it, and it might be useful for one or two people out there too. We shall see.

Something new in Automation: Action: Save to Dropbox (Trimmed Title) | Drafts Action Directory

Here’s something new for my Automation obsession:

“This action demonstrates use of Javascript to create a file name safe string from the first line of a draft which may contain characters (such as a Markdown…”

Via Action: Save to Dropbox (Trimmed Title) | Drafts Action Directory .