And the plants are singing to me

If this doesn’t mean anything to you then don’t worry. I have to admit it’s a very obscure niche. Sonifying the bio data from plants might seem odd, esoteric even, but to me it’s something really interesting.

I remember seeing MIDI Sprout on Kickstarter, but felt that the price point was prohibitive. However, I always felt that it was something that I wanted to try out. So I watched for one on eBay, and finally one came up at a reasonable price. So I bought it and it worked beautifully.

The little video is with a coffee plant. My plan is to try the MIDI Sprout with a range of different plants to see if there are noticeable differences in each plant’s musical output. As and when I do I’ll post the results. Probably with video too.

However, this isn’t the only kind of sonification project I have on the go, but more of that another time.

Goodbye RandomBus

You probably don’t know what this is about, and that’s just fine. RandomBus was a twitter bot that I built with one singular purpose. It was there to suggest new and interesting Audiobus set ups. Now, if you don’t know what Audiobus is then there’s pretty much no point in going any further I’d say.

If you do know what Audiobus is then you’ll understand this a bit more. Basically RandomBus generated 3 random apps to work inside Audiobus. The tweet would have links to all three. All you had to do was to click on them to try out the ‘scene’. Anyway, after running for a couple of years I finally decided to close down the bot. It was fun whilst it lasted, but I’m not sure of its relevance anymore.

Remember there’s the RandomBus, and it’s going to get better too

Whilst mentioning VL tonifier I thought I’d also talk about another of my developing collection of bots, the RandomBus, which I launched a little while ago. It was fun to make and hopefully it’ll be fun for anyone who wants to follow it too. I’ve got some plans for the RandomBus, some interesting plans which I hope to get out in the next few weeks. When they come about I’ll let you know.

And now there’s the RandomBus

I’ve mentioned this on PalmSounds just now but, as I’ve already made a bot called the Wisdom of Pullo and talked about it here a number of times, I thought I’d mention my new one, the RandomBus, which I’ve just launched. It was fun to make and hopefully it’ll be fun for anyone who wants to follow it too.

Finished a new track with NanoStudio

En Hiver in NanoStudio
En Hiver in NanoStudio

I’ve been a big fan of NanoStudio since it first launched, but I’ve rarely finished anything that I’ve started with it. Today I’ve finished a piece that I began ages ago. It’s an old track that I’ve re-worked and I’m really pleased with it.

Recording En Hiver in AudioShare
Recording En Hiver in AudioShare

AudioShare is an awesome swiss army knife of mobile audio. I used it here to record the track in so I could then move it into …

En Hiver mastered in Final Touch
En Hiver mastered in Final Touch

Which made it sound even better, or at least that’s what I think. The final track will be up on SoundCloud later.

Audiobus Preset store

I thought I’d like to capture some Audiobus presets for myself and store them somewhere. So I found a way to capture the presets to a Google spreadsheet and then embed the sheet in a web page. The page you can find here. I’ll be adding to it over time, so it’ll grow and more and more Audiobus presets will get added. Obviously, to get them to work you’ll need to access them from your iOS device and not a desktop.