Useful ideas and things from Ableton

Just a quick post following an email I got today. Ableton have put up a very handy page with a bunch of useful things for Ableton users and also non users too. You can find the page here.

In particular you should check out the excellent book Making Music: 74 Creative Strategies for Electronic Music Producers, which is available in multiple formats. I’ve read this more than once and it is very handy indeed.

I thought you should know.

Using Conductive Ink Proximity Pads with Ableton

Conductive Ink Proximity Pads controlling Ableton
Conductive Ink Proximity Pads controlling Ableton

Jo setting up the Conductive Ink Proximity Pads
Jo setting up the Conductive Ink Proximity Pads

One of the technologies we had on show at the SoundLab Play Space was Bare Conductive’s Conductive Ink and TouchBoard. We used these to connect to Ableton Live and control a variety of parameters in a set. It took quite a lot of tinkering around to get the pads and the board to work as we wanted, and a lot of time to calibrate the pads to get them sensing and sending MIDI CCs.

Hopefully I’ll be able to release to arduino code for the set we used soon. Hopefully I’ll be able to make some videos too to show how to get it done.

I think that that the TouchBoard is a really cheap and simple way to create effective gestural control via MIDI.

Here’s something I’m doing for the SoundLab Play Space …

Badly painted proximity sensing
Badly painted proximity sensing

One of the things I’ve been making for the SoundLab Play Space is some stuff to connect conductive ink with a bunch of Ableton Live sets. These were my first prototype cards. They worked ok, but they need some tweaking. It helped me to understand how to adapt the code to start to get the effect I was after, but it wasn’t quite there as yet. The next iteration, the one I plan to use on the day, well, Wednesday, should be much better!

We’ll see.

Ableton, M4L and BEAP

I got very excited when I heard about BEAP.  A modular thing for Max 4 Live, which looked like just the right thing for me in terms of messing about with max a bit more.

So I’ve downloaded BEAP and started to install it, which isn’t as easy as any kind of normal installation, but it seems to be going in the right direction. Next I have to see if I can get it to do things I like, and when I do, I’ll post some results I expect.