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So, is Spotify the OS of music?

This was something that their head of platform claimed that they were aiming for at the Music Ally App Side conference last month. An interesting claim. I have a slightly different take on it though. For me the OS of music isn’t just about listening, in fact it might not be about listening at all, or at least listening might only be a small part of the puzzle.

For me the idea of an OS for music has always been very enticing. Something that I don’t think I’ve ever seen done properly, but I’ve always wished for. The closest thing to it was the elusive Capers OS which was meant to be a replacement for the Palm OS and act as an OS for music making.

Back when that was being talked about it wasn’t really something that could be used for pure synthesis, so Capers OS was more about controlling other devices. That made sense then, but not now. I think now we have the capability in mobile devices for an actual mobile OS which is built for music making.

Will something like this ever come about? Who knows, I’d love to see it, but I can see it being difficult to get off the ground and fund properly. One day perhaps.

So, is Spotify going to be the OS of music? Not for me I don’t think, but I do think that they are doing a great deal for changing listening and discovery, and that’s a step in the right direction, albeit not my direction.

Why do mobile phones have app platforms and landline phones don’t?

It really isn’t easy to find a home phone these days. Whilst we have loads of mobile phone shops, hardly anyone stocks a simple land line phone anymore. Why is that?

And, more to the point, why is it that land line phones haven’t evolved in the same way that mobiles have? I managed to find two Android powered home phones, but both had bad reviews that really put me off. But seriously, two smart-home phones? Is that all? Is there really no market for something more advanced in the home? I find it very strange indeed.

Remembering Fad Gadget

I can’t believe it was 10 years ago Frank Tovey aka Fad Gadget passed away. My favourite track of his, “King of the Flies”. Excellent music.

Happy birthday Douglas

I was watching the new series of Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency last night and remembered that today would have been Douglas Adams’ birthday. He would have been 60 today.

I loved Hitchhiker’s and have only recently got into Dirk Gently, but the work I most loved was what he did in Doctor Who. I leant the Big Finish version of Shada with Paul McGann as the 8th Doctor to a friend at work the other day. He really enjoyed it and commented on just how much humour there was in it. What else would you expect from such a talented writer.

He will continue to be missed, but his excellent work lives on.

David Sylvian, A Victim of Stars, and thoughts about curation

I was listening to this compilation on Friday and I really enjoyed it for the most part. Which I found strange. I didn’t find it strange that I liked the individual songs, I knew those and knew that I liked them, but the order that they were in created a different feel to listening to them, and that made me think.

It made me remember the mixtape, that is, when it was an actual tape and not a digital representation of a tape. Curating (if that’s the right word for it) tracks together in a specific order can quite easily change their meaning or at least adapt it for a different purpose.

I found listening to Sylvian’s tracks in the order in this compilation gave them a different meaning in a way for me. Not a totally different meaning you understand, but something subtle. It also made me remember mixtape’s where they were in a different order and what tracks followed which was strange too.

I’m not entirely sure where this leads, but I think it’s interesting in itself, that’s all.

Looking forward

4 weeks to Christmas. That’s all, and after that, new year and then 2011. Where has this year gone?

People start asking you ‘Are you ready for Christmas?’ around now (and before), like it is some kind of thing you have to brace yourself against. Some kind of attack that’s on the way.

In some ways I can understand that kind of thinking. I already feel under pressure from constant Christmas advertising. I wish there was a little more joy in Christmas. A little more peace on earth and good will to all men.

The next 4 weeks will be busy no doubt, but I’m hoping to keep the ‘peace on earth, goodwill to all men’ in mind as far as I can.

Revisiting the past

Having spent a lot of time listening to my old material it has made me wonder whether I should re-work some of it. The sad thing is that much of the material was recorded using a fairly beaten up old X15 four track recorder and included multiple tape bounces which never adds much but noise.

I’m sure I could do a better job now, but is it healthy to go backwards like that?

I’m not sure at the moment. It all needs a bit more thought.


I took this picture while I was out yesterday. It felt truly autumnal, in fact, far more like autumn than it does today.

I like autumn. It is perhaps my favourite season. I love the leaves coming down off the trees, the fact that it starts to get colder and and that there is a sense that renewal is on the way for everything.

Some more thoughts …

Hello 2016

So, here we are in 2016. I often think it is strange that we somehow cross this imaginary boundary into a new year, but today is a day very much like yesterday in many ways and for many people. It is just a day, and yet we like to make it special, a new beginning,…

Happy Christmas from me

I’ve been meaning to say Happy Christmas. As today is Christmas Eve it feels like a good time to do that. So, to everyone who’s been a regular reader here and at the previous .com site too, thanks so much and a very happ Christmas to you. Thanks for reading, and, on rare occasion, commenting…


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