Happy (belated) Birthday Apple

So Apple is 40 now, or at least a few days ago anyway. It’s somewhat amazing to think they’ve been around that long. However, it’s great to know that 40 can be quite so cool. That makes me feel good anyway. I hope that they keep making cool stuff. Of late I’ve found that their stuff hasn’t been quite as reliable as it used to be. I’d like to think that they’ll continue to be innovative. I think it’s been hard to innovate in the mobile space for a while, but that’s what they need to do, that’s what the market needs.

So my KDJ-ONE won’t come until June

I’ve backed quite a few things on Kickstarter over the last few years, and on occasion things are late. I think that’s inevitable really. But the KDJ-ONE is really late, really really late. They’re now saying that it’ll come in June this year. It’s been a long wait. I hope it’ll be worth the wait in the end.

Reminder: The wisdom of Pullo

I have mentioned this before, but I was a big fan of Rome when it was on and I think I’ve watched it several times since then. One of the best things about Rome was legionary Pullo and his amazing, and at times quite inappropriate sayings. He came out with some absolute classics and I didn’t want them to be lost. So I had an idea to set up a twitter account (a twitter bot really) which would tweet some of his best everyday.

So if you want to follow this twitter account which will tweet his wisdom every day. You can find it here.

Day One 2 nearly gets there, but doesn’t

So I got slightly excited about the latest update of the Day One 2 app. The updated version which required you to pay for it again. When I first got it the app didn’t have a few pretty critical features that I wanted that were in the original app. However, now that they’ve put back a couple of those I thought I’d check again and see if it was worth moving over. However, it failed again. It couldn’t import all my entries. Why? I don’t know, but once again I’ve gone back to the old or ‘classic’ version.

SoundLab wins Best SEND Resource at the Music Teacher Awards for Excellence

I posted a lot of detail about this over at PalmSounds, and if you’re really interested then please do go and take a look over there, there’s plenty of information there. But I just wanted to add the photos here and say how important this is to me, and how great it is to be a part of this team.

And now there’s the RandomBus

I’ve mentioned this on PalmSounds just now but, as I’ve already made a bot called the Wisdom of Pullo and talked about it here a number of times, I thought I’d mention my new one, the RandomBus, which I’ve just launched. It was fun to make and hopefully it’ll be fun for anyone who wants to follow it too.