Daphne Oram – Private Dreams and Public Nightmares

I think that this is one of the most interesting and mesmerizing albums I’ve listened to in ages. Inspiring and difficult at the same time. It’s great to listen to while working, but also strangely distracting at times.

I’m tentative about recommending it as I know it won’t appeal to many people, but it will appeal to some, who’ll love it.

Private Dreams and Public Nightmares - Daphne Oram, Andrea Parker & Daz Quayle

Messing about with Oramics

Having seen the Oramics exhibition again I thought I’d spend some time with the Oramics app again as I haven’t used it in ages. I think that the first time I used it I didn’t really get the hang of it, but playing with it this morning I really enjoyed it. I think I might record some pieces from it too.

A penny for the Guy?

I realised today that I haven’t seen a single kid asking for a ‘penny for the guy’ this year. It seems to have become a lost tradition. Years ago I remember loads of kids by bus stops and stations all asking for a penny for the guy. Of course inflation had an impact and I’m sure I once heard a ‘pound for the guy’!

But now it seems to be no more. That’s a shame.

ZX81 Museum

I used to have a ZX81 and I wish I hadn’t got rid of it now. What an amazing little computer, and how much you could do with 1k of memory!

I’m glad to see that the ZX81 museum is a really well curated little site. I found quite a lot of stuff on there that I’ve had in the past.

These days I only have a ZX81 emulator on my Android phone. I must do some more bits and pieces with that soon.

Happy Guy Fawkes Night

In the UK it is Guy Fawkes night when we let off fireworks and start bonfires. I like to remember that this is a celebration of a little be more than just fireworks.

I often like to watch V for Vendetta around Guy Fawkes. I know that some people really don’t like this film, but I really enjoy it.

Anyway. Whatever you do for Guy Fawkes and whatever the reason you remember it I hope you have a good and safe time this weekend.