An update to thoughts on the HomePod mini

I posted about this a while back and since then I have found a couple of additional uses that are vaguely helpful. Or at least they are vaguely helpful for me.


I use a lot of alarms. A lot of things to remind of what I need to. Being able to have them on multiple devices might be useful. So far I’m not entirely how useful this might be, but I’ll try it out.


This is also a potentially useful feature, but again I’ll have to spend more time seeing just how useful it might be.

Like so many bits of technology that I have, I struggle to make them actually useful to me. These two features of the HomePod Mini might be useful, or at least it is a possibility, and one that I’ll try. I’d actually like the HomePod to do more, but so far I haven’t found any other uses.

Of course I do make use of it as a speaker, which is of course its primary purpose. In terms of that it works just fine.

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