A page for today … Let’s start with ‘about’

I mentioned doing this series a while back so I thought I’d start today, with the ‘about‘ page. It is one of those pages that you are expected to have aren’t you. Mine isn’t bad really, although it always feels like it needs a bit of a spruce up whenever I look at it. In fact I’ve just removed a bunch of stuff from it as it was getting out of date, so it’s in a bit of a better state than it has been for a while now.

It’s a tricky thing an about page. In some ways it should say everything about the site / blog, but in many ways it just can’t and it’s sort of impossible to sum up everything into one static page. Anyway, it’s there, and it’s more up to date, and I’ll probably update it again at some point.

Maybe I’ll get some inspiration for it?

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