BP Portrait Award

I do like the National Portrait Gallery. They have some really excellent pieces and they put on interesting exhibitions. The BP Portrait Award is just one. I went this year and on the whole really liked the entries although I’m not sure I completely agreed with the ones that won, but that is of course just a matter of opinion.

I do like portraiture, but often I prefer prefer portraits which don’t immediately seem to be portraits. Some of the paintings in the BP Award were like that, and those were the ones I enjoyed the most.

It’s interesting to see how the idea of the portrait is developing and moving forward, not that I know a huge amount about art or art theory or stuff like that. But I do know that I’ve seen a change in this sort of award / exhibition over the time I’ve been going to the National Portrait Gallery, which is more than 20 years now. As with all art forms it’s evolving and changing, and that’s to be expected.

I wonder what it will be like next year.

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