Emulating things


Today it’s time to get a few more things sorted out for the StyleTap emulator on Windows Mobile. I think that one day this device might actually be quite useful if everything goes to plan.

Getting back to some Windows Mobile roots …

These apps are so old that when they first came out we weren’t calling them apps. They were applications, or software! But they’re still good, still work, and are usable.

It’s all part of my ‘make the Axim’ useful project. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Well that didn’t work then did it

I thought it would a great idea to get an old bluetooth keyboard running on my Axim, but this one doesn’t seem to want to even switch on as yet! Just my luck. Trying to get text into a windows mobile keyboard using a stylus is no fun at all!

Starting out with Basic4PPC

It is pretty retro I know, but it is sort of fun to mess around with things like Basic4ppc to see what I can make. Having said that there is the small problem of what actually to make using b4ppc.

You can’t really make any worthwhile music app with this language, and it isn’t too useful for anything net related. So, what should I make with it?

Axim plans

I’ve been thinking about what else to put on my old Dell Axim. Emulation seems obvious, well to me it does anyway. I still have a Mac System 7 emulation app somewhere around the place, so I may try that.

The other thing I’d like to do is to populate it with a bunch of my own ‘mini’ apps made with Basic4ppc. That might take a bit longer though.

Starting Basic 4 PPC

I’ve started messing about with Basic4PPC again. I know that Windows Mobile is totally dead now, but I like to mess about with stuff like this to see what I can make it do, and it is quite good fun too!

Finding software for older platforms

The recent update to Pixilang made me try to find a decent text editor for my Axim Windows Mobile device, which wasn’t that easy. In fact, I found that there were only about 3 text editors that were even workable for my device. It made me realise that it isn’t easy to find software for aged software platforms, especially not terribly popular ones.

When I was looking for Einstein (the Newton emulator for Android) I realised that the Newton was very well supported, but that’s not true of everything in the older mobile world. So it got me thinking about setting up a site/store/repository for this stuff. Sounds like loads of work though! Maybe someone else will do it.