Record Store Day


Great to see record stores so full. What a great day, I’m so glad I could go along today. Rough Trade East was great even though they’d sold out of what I was after.

Never mind.

Still buying vinyl


There are a handful of tracks that are on a list, the kind of list you know somehow you’ll never get to the end of. For me it’s a list of tracks I had once and now I’ve no idea where they are, so I have to get them again. This EP from Toyah is one. It has a track on it called Urban Tribesman, which I really loved, but it just doesn’t seem to be available on download or on a CD anywhere.

So I decided that with this, and with many other tracks that I’m outstanding, I will have to get them on vinyl. You know what, it’s quite nice to be buying vinyl again.

Happy Record Store day

Great to see that this is being kept alive. I have very fond memories of time spent searching around in record stores for something unique and interesting. Especially second hand stores like the sadly missed Beanos which used to be in Surrey Street.

I hope that events like this keep people visiting record stores, not just on a day like today, but far more often.