Matt Johnson (The The) on Soul Mining at 30


Well, to be honest, it is Soul Mining at 31, but who’s counting right?

Last night I went along to Rough Trade East to listen to Matt Johnson from The The talk about Soul Mining, The The and what he’s been doing. I went with a certain sense of trepidation as I always worry that I’ll listen to someone who’s music I’ve enjoyed for many years and then I’ll listen to their opinions about other stuff and I won’t be able to listen to their music anymore.

Not so with Mr Johnson. No, we was excellent. Funny, insightful and full of interesting stories about the album and the music. I really enjoyed listening to him talk about each song as well, it gave interesting background, without breaking the spell of what has long been one of my all time favourite albums.

Of course, the evening was even better as I walked away with the 30th (31st to be precise) anniversary box set of Soul Mining, and it is a thing of beauty I have to say.

So now it deserves a proper listen. Well that won’t be a chore will it.

The dilema of opening things


I posted yesterday about getting this 12″ single of The The’s Giant. So far so good. But, sadly, the nice sticker on the front of the disc is on the cellophane and not on the sleeve itself, meaning that the minute I open it, the sticker is gone!


Getting the Giant …


This was the other record store day release I really wanted, but couldn’t get on the day. At the time I thought I’d done pretty well to get 2 out of three of the special releases I wanted, but I’d really wanted this too and ended up looking on eBay for it.

Well the one I got wasn’t a bad price at all, and was in perfect condition too.

Record Store Day Release of Metamatic

Amended Metamatic pak

One of the things I picked up from Record Store Day last weekend was this special release of John Foxx’s first album Metamatic on white vinyl. I’ve had this album for ages but I couldn’t resist getting this version.

The Vinyl dilemma …

IMG_8939 IMG_8940

I was lucky enough to get hold of one of the few copies of the last John Foxx 12″ single containing two remixes of Underpass. I have to say that these remixes are absolutely brilliant. I love them. However, it leaves me with a dilema. I love the 12″. I love the music, but, I can only play it on my turntable. I have no digital copy at all. I’d like to listen to these tracks on my iPhone and elsewhere, but I don’t want to take a digital copy really.

It’s a dilemma.

Beautiful vinyl

I’m pretty sure that I had this when it first came out, but I’ve just got it again as I’m collecting vinyl once more. It was a beautiful release back then, and still looks and sounds great today.

Mirrorball limited edition vinyl


I stumbled over this the other day in a local second hand record store, and whilst I’ve already got the music, digitally, the limited edition vinyl with a numbered print was worth every penny. Actually, it was only £6.50, so it was a real bargain anyway.