At last, my iPhone 6 Lego case has arrived


Since I first got my iPhone 6 I needed a case. The device itself is just too slippery to be used without one. So I got an Apple case and it was fine for a while, but in the last few months it’s just got too slippery and seems to attract grease.

I’d always wanted to get a Lego case but it took Belkin a long time to make the Lego case for the iPhone 6. At last I’ve got one, and it’s great. Much better than the Apple case.


It’s time that littleBits started to play nicely with others …


So having carried out a number of experiments using the Romo I’ve decided that a more musical robot is needed, and that will require something more bespoke. So I’ve chosen Mindstorms as a starting place, but of course for the musical side, littleBits is ideal. Connecting the two will now be easy, because of the above.