More daily Wotjas

I’ve now made it through the whole of January and made a single 1 minute track on every day. It’s been quite and interesting process, and, I’ve started to learn more about using Wotja, which was always my intention. I’ve lots more to learn though.

For now, here’s some of my January output:

A Wotja a day

I make a lot of music, very little of which I share anywhere these days. For the most part I make music for my own enjoyment, which is much more productive I feel. Anyway, I digress. The point of this is that at the start of the year I decided that I would try to make a small track each day with an app that I really like and enjoy. It’s called Wotja.

Wotja is a generative music system for iOS, although it’s been around a lot longer than that. I’ve actually been a fan of it since around 2007, which kind of puts things in perspective. Of course it’s changed a lot since I first started using it.

Anyway, once again I digress a little. The point of this is that I started on the 1st of January, and so far I’ve kept it up the whole time. So here’s the first. I’ll post the others, probably in small batches, periodically. Hopefully I’ll manage to keep it up all year too.

Good luck Intermorphic

I really liked this post from Intermorphic about what they’ve been doing this year and what they have planned for 2016. I’ve been a fan of theirs for many years now. In fact, probably approaching 10 years now. I’ve seen them go through several iterations and still keep going. I hope that they keep flying the flag for generative music for many years to come.

Good luck guys.

Why I like Wojta from Intermorphic

I really do like Wojta a lot. It’s such a cool and simple way of turning a short piece of text into sound and then sharing it. Simple, effective, quick. There aren’t many apps that you can say that of. It does what it says it is going to do, and it does it.

I also like how Intermorphic have just kept making it better and better, and I’m sure they’ll continue to do that too.

And it’s been a bit of a generative day over at PalmSounds

Today has been a bit of a day for my friends over at Intermorphic. Today marks 25 years that they’ve been in generative music, and that’s a pretty amazing achievement in my book. So I’ve been remembering some of the high points from my perspective over at PalmSounds today. I thought it was something that should be marked.