Einstein on Android

I only discovered today that there’s a relatively stable port of Einstein the Newton emulator, available for Android 2.2, so I’m going to try and get it running on my newly rooted San Francisco which could be very cool indeed!

Android success and failure

I’ve spent some time today trying to get this Android device rooted and then updated to 2.2 so it can be a bit more useful. I was about to post that everything had gone really well when it started playing up so I rebooted it. It then got stuck in what seems like a loop where it just displays the Android logo then displays it again, and never gets any further.

So I completely reinstalled the ROM for 2.2 and it seems to be working ok now. I’ll be checking it again regularly tomorrow to see how it gets on, but hopefully it’ll hold up and prove to be a useful device.

Android progress

Well, having lost the use of my iPad for now I thought I’d try and get my 1 year old Android device running again. A couple of days ago it looked like this device had failed completely, but this morning it seemed like it was working ok, at least for now anyway. It installed loads of updates, and I seem to have access to get to the apps on it now too, which is great for testing on the 3G with Android 2.3 installed.

Getting into ‘if this then that’

If you don’t know ‘if this then that’ then you should. It’s an amazing way to automate services on the internet.  For example, you might want certain items matching a specific search criteria from an RSS feed to always end up in your ReadItLater items. No problem. You can automate that using ITTT (if this then that) and it will check the feed every 15 minutes and drop items straight into RIL for you.

ITTT can connect to a whole host of services that are brilliant when put together. I’m only just starting to get into it at the moment, but I can see it being really useful. You can try it out here.

StyleTap successes and failures

8 days left of my trial period on StyleTap. Some things are working well, some not. I’ve had troubles getting some files into StyleTap has been problematic, or impossible in some cases. There appears to be some kind of maximum file size for getting files in which I haven’t worked out a way around as yet, and I’ve only got 7 days left to do it.

Also I’m still having problems with user names, as it seems that this is kind of important in getting some older apps to work. Still, more apps to load and more things to try out.

One useful bit of information I found was a list of apps which specifically work with StyleTap.

And the Android dies …

I’ve been trying to retrieve Android .APK application files from my old Android phone to try and install them into the Android 2.3 OS version living on my 3G. I should have guessed that today would be the day that this old (well about 1 year old) Android phone would choose to fail. That makes perfect sense.

So I’ve ordered a new Android phone for two reasons. Firstly so I can try out some of the stuff I’ve been meaning to using Android, and secondly to get some of these files into the hacked 3G to see what happens and if they’ll even run.

Testing StyleTap on the 3G again

It was around this time last year that I was experimenting with running various things on my iPhone 3G. Mainly I was trying out Android from the iDroid project, and I’ve been doing that again, but I’m also having a go with StyleTap the Palm OS emulator for jailbroken iPhones. Whilst I’m not holding out too much hope for it to be useful for any old music apps on the Palm, it may have some use elsewhere in the Palm OS universe.

Anyway, I don’t have long to see if it’s useful as I’ve only got 10 days left of the trial period to go before I have to get a licence.