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Carry On who?

What a great idea that would have been!

I did some searching for “Carry On” X films, and this was one of the best things I found, if not the best.

I did find a few other photoshopped things, which were funny but not on this scale.

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It’s only fair that post 1999 be about Space 1999

Season 1 DVD Box Set
Season 1 DVD Box Set

It’s only right isn’t it. I’m a fan and I feel that I should dedicate post number 1999 to Space 1999. I’m still slowly making my way through season 2, and if that wasn’t enough I’m not sure that I’ve finished reading the comic editions on comixology either.

Perhaps I need to make a bit more effort and finish off reading and watching this stuff soon, especially after celebrating Space 1999 today.



Finished the comic, watching the show


Continuing my theme of being into retro space opera, I’ve finally got around to finishing the comic version of the start of Space 1999, at least the first edition anyway, and I was surprised by just how closely it follows the original episode.

It’s quite interesting to read the comic and watch the old series at the same time! Although having just had a look for series two it seems to cost a fortune!