Goodbye 2022

I’d like to say that it’s been great, but on the whole it hasn’t, so let’s call it a day and part company!

Overall 2022 has been poor for me, so I won’t be sad to see the back of this year. Of course there’s no guarantee that 2023 will be any better.

Some favourite posts

I thought I might share some of my favourite posts from this year.

Some favourite pictures

I also thought that now might be a good time to share a few favourite images from this year.

  • Blancmange Private View CD
  • Blancmange Private View Cassette Front
  • Blancmange single
  • Blancmange in Electronic Sound magazine
  • Modified Toy Orchestra - Silfurberg CD case
  • A little synth key ring I use on the zipper of my bag
  • The London Sound Survey From Dusk Till Dawn

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