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New (old) vinyl: Tom Robinson – War Baby

Tom Robinson - War Baby
Tom Robinson – War Baby
Tom Robinson - War Baby
Tom Robinson – War Baby

This is one of my all time favourite Tom Robinson tracks. It really is excellent. I’d more or less forgotten the song, so when I stumbled over it I was really pleased. Now that I have the 7″ I thought I’d find a digital version too. Could I find it anywhere? No, not anywhere at all! What’s that about?

I tried to find it on CD and those are hard to come by too. I’ll keep searching.

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New (old) vinyl: Eurythmics – Sexcrime (1984)

Eurythimcs - Sex Crime
Eurythimcs – Sex Crime
Eurythmics - Sex Crime - B side
Eurythmics – Sex Crime – B side

This was a brilliant single on a great album which should have been an amazing soundtrack to the film 1984. I still don’t really know why it wasn’t the soundtrack in the end. It would have worked really well I think.

Another great find from my local second hand record store.