And another app offers further automation possibilities … Phraseology

And now another app promises integration and connectivity with the growing array of URL scheme enabled apps that I own but as yet can’t work out what to do with. This one, Phraseology is a writing app for the iPad. It looks very useful, and is from the same developer who makes Drafts, Drafts for iPad and Terminology. So in theory it should tick all the boxes, and as such I’ll probably give it a try.

But it does make me wonder where all this automation capacity is going to take me, and when? So far I’ve managed to get a few things working, but nothing ground breaking, nothing that really changes my workflow and delivers enough automation against what I’m looking for. Of course, I could just be being over ambitious, that’s a distinct possibility. So for now I’ll keep at it, and perhaps try some simpler things to start off with.

Destination Nerva

I first listened to this story in January 2012. It is the first story that Tom Baker did for Big Finish productions, so it’s kind of a milestone, and not only that, it’s actually a lovely story too. It picks up directly after The Talons of Weng Chiang, which is arguably one of the best Doctor Who stories ever, so an excellent place to start in my opinion.

The story is set on the Nerva dock, which is of course the same as the Nerva Beacon, a location that crops up many times in Doctor Who. The cast is excellent, the action and the story are a joy. It’s a great way to have started his audio stories on Big Finish, and it’s lovely to listen to them again whilst I wait for the season 3 episodes to arrive every month. I think I may have to run through the whole season now that I’ve started.