Harry Potter

So I went to see the new Harry Potter film today. If you haven’t seen the film then you should probably just stop reading this right now in case I give anything away.

I’ve seen all the potter films so far and I’ve listened to all the books as audio books, and I read the last one as well. Having said all of that, I can’t say I’m a big fan. I only read the last book because I wanted to know what happens in the end, and I didn’t want to have to wait for the film(s) to come out. Of course when I read the book I expected there to be one film at the end and not two.

One can’t help feeling a little cynical that the last book has been made into 2 films. Especially given that the potter franchise has pretty much kept Warner Brothers alive for the past few years. I do wonder what they’ll do without it? I guess they’ll sell us huge box sets of potter DVDs with pointless extras.

Anyway, having read the book I knew what to expect from the film, or at least this half. Or so I thought anyway. When I read the book I think that there was around 200 pages in it that just did nothing for the plot or the characters and seemed to have no purpose whatsoever. I’m all for dramatic pauses but this was more like a dramatic gap year.

I thought that the film would get rid of some of that empty space from the book, but I was surprised to find lots of long shots of the main 3 characters looking into the distant and the like. I can’t say it did much for me at all.

I’ll almost certainly go to the 2nd part in July or whenever, but I’m already expecting it to be a bit of a let down sadly.