Bro Ar Men at Beyond the Border

I saw this band at Beyond the Border in the summer, and I really enjoyed them a lot. The guy playing the Mbira was a real character and really funny. He was also a great Mbira player amongst other instruments he played.

I wish I’d got their CD now.

More about beyond the border

Here are a few more posts about the Beyond the Border festival if you’re interested.

Beyond the border postponed

The wonderful story telling festival Beyond the Border has been postponed like so many events in 2020.

If you have never eaten one of these then you’ve never lived

The last time I went to Beyond the Border I discovered these. That was back in 2014. I’ve waited two years to have the pleasure again, and it was worth the wait. I’d hoped that these would be available again at Beyond the Border, and they were, possibly one of the best foods I’ve ever…


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