Stands (part 1)


You just can’t beat a good stand. Something to put an instrument on, to make it easier to access. However, not all sounds are made equal. This is a ukulele stand I got for Christmas. I always prefer something made in wood rather than metal or plastic, and this has a very natural and organic feel to it. Plus, it works well as a stand.

But this is part 1 for a reason. Because there are instruments that you can’t find stands for, and in those situations you have to try something different. That’s for part 2.

A beautiful addition to my Ukulele

iRig Acoustic
iRig Acoustic

I’ve been playing around with this hardware and iOS app for a little while and it’s really good. It works just so well with my Ukulele. I wanted to do some work around creating soundscapes using my Ukulele and iOS effects apps and this has done completely what I needed.

I’ll be putting together some sound samples from this soon, so you’ll be able to hear what I mean.