Doctor Who Radio Times Covers

I went to the Doctor Who Experience yesterday, which was great fun, and I took loads of photographs, so expect quite a few posts with a ‘Who’ theme.

These pictures are a bunch of Radio Times covers featuring Doctor Who, and I thought they looked great. I’d forgotten some of the old logos from the Radio Times as well.

Sarah Jane Adventures

I finally watched the last few episodes of the Sarah Jane Adventures. I’d been putting it off for a while as I almost didn’t want to admit that these would be the last episodes.

They were great, and I’m glad I saw them.

Doctor Who, Series Finale

I don’t know if it is just me, but I found the last series of Doctor Who a bit of a disappointment. I thought that it went off the boil half way through and the series finale was a real let down.

It may be that my expectations of this series were just too high, or perhaps the hype had set them too high? Also I think that when it started there were lots of really good plot lines that have simply been left hanging around and I think that’s a bit of a waste really.

I’m sure I’ll keep watching it, and the Christmas special seems to have a great cast, but it just doesn’t seem as good as before. Perhaps I just prefer the old style Dr Who. Maybe I’ll stick with that.

V is coming back, but will there be lizards?

I watched the first series and now I’m watching the last 2 episodes again as Syfy has series 2 starting next week. But I have to ask myself why? The first series of V was awful. I know that as I’m watching the last 2 episodes.

Frankly I’m amazed that they got to make a second series. All I can say is that something has got to happen in the 2nd series and there better be lizards or else.

The Last of the Current Series: Sarah Jane Adventures

It was the last episode in the current series tonight and it was brilliant!

I really think that this show has been one of the best children’s shows in a long time, and in many ways it is better than Dr Who, certainly better than many of the David Tenant series, Matt Smith has been a big improvement in my book.

But The Sarah Jane Adventures has always delivered as far as I’m concerned, and not just for children. Each story has been well thought through and superbly executed. For a spin off series it has done really well and I’m looking forward to the next series in 2011.

More SJA! Keep up the good work BBC!