Noodle Pi is coming

Another Pi related Kickstarter purchase and one that I’m looking forward to trying out soon. I’ll be getting to grips with it soon and seeing what I can use it for. I’m hoping that it’ll be like a little PDA but maybe a bit more up to date.

Pi Sound is a go (nearly)


This is the Blokas Pi Sound board attached to my Pi 3 with 7″ touch screen. I’m looking forward to getting some time with this soon. I’m keen to see how it works with the Android app too.

My plan is also to see how I can use Pd on the Pi as well, possibly other stuff too, like Supercollider. Who knows. This card opens up a lot of possibilities.

Pi Zero, now that’s impressive

I didn’t manage to get the Mag Pi magazine with the Zero on the front cover, I wish I’d paid more attention to that. I will pick one up at some point. It is a very impressive achievement to get a unit like this out for just £4. It gives me a bunch of ideas of things that I might (with enough time) be able to do with it.

Probably it’s a project for next year though.