ICYMI: My PalmSounds interview with Marc from Disquiet

I posted this the other day but I’m just so pleased to have been asked and for it to have been published that I thought I should post a like to it again today. It’s on the Disquiet site now, go take a look.

Science Museum: Ada Lovelace

I was quite surprised that it was actually quite a small exhibition for a character as important as Ada Lovelace. Even so, it was a nice little exhibition with some interesting facts. I’m sure they could’ve found more, I’m sure they could’ve got hold of more stuff about her, but anyway, I’m glad that they at least had an exhibition about her. That’s something.

David Sylvian’s book … Hypergraphia

David Sylvian's Hypergraphia
David Sylvian’s Hypergraphia

So Mr Sylvian has a new book coming out in November. There’s a micro site dedicated to it already and it looks interesting. As a fan I’ve already ordered my copy although I didn’t get a chance to get one of the signed copies. Never mind.

As you’d expect it looks pretty beautiful inside too.

David Sylvian's Hypergraphia, inside
David Sylvian’s Hypergraphia, inside

Personally I’d prefer it if he released some new music too, but I’ll settle for this. I’m sure it’ll be an enlightening read.

David Sylvian's Hypergraphia, inside
David Sylvian’s Hypergraphia, inside

More sad news Tod Dockstader passes away

Obviously a lot less well known that Mr Nimoy, but no less sad. I remember first hearing about Tod Dockstader in an interview he gave to The Wire. I found his work and his past truly inspirational when I first read that. And I still do.

So today I’m spending some time listening to his work. I think that’s the best tribute I could give to him today, and I must find that interview in The Wire again. I think it would be good to read that once more.

I haven’t read a book about Feynman in ages now


Mr Feynman is a big hero of mine. He was such a larger than life character, so full of energy and fun and with an incredible intellect as well. I really enjoyed “Surely You’re Joking Mr Feynman”, and “What do you care what other people think”. So when I was given this graphic novel about him I was over the moon.

It’s was great to have something new to read about him. I’m looking forward to enjoying it.

So sad to hear about Steve Strange

How sad was yesterday’s news? I’d been listening to some of the new Visage stuff on spotify only recently and thinking it was quite good really. So it was a real shock to hear he’d passed away so young. I think he still had a lot of creativity left. Still had songs to sing, and music to make, so it really is our loss.

I think I have to listen to a lot of Visage now.