And another thing, what’s happening with the next Heaven 17 album?

I’m sure that this was coming a while back now. As far as I can remember they mentioned it at one of their live shows ages ago. When I say ages I mean over a year ago. Even so, I’m sure it was coming out soon and I’ve heard nothing about it since, which is a shame really as the one or two tracks they played at that gig sounded really promising.

Whatever happened to Ian Craig Marsh?

I’ve been a fan of Heaven 17 for years and years, and I’ve really enjoyed their recent shows but it does make me think of a few things, one of which is, whatever happened to Ian Craig Marsh? He was a big part of Heaven 17 and of course The Human League before that, but now, according to Wikipedia, he’s a music teacher. No more information than that.

That’s fine, but a shame for fans on H17.