Going to Denovali Festival


When I heard the Fennesz was playing I thought that I had to go along to see him again. It’s been a few years and I love his music. Getting to see everything else on the line up was a bonus really. Here’s the running order:

  1. Moon Zero
  2. Greg Haines
  3. Fennesz
  4. Jon Hassel + Ensemble

It was a nice venue on the whole, with the possible exception of people who appeared to think it was ok to just talk all the way through each performance. I just don’t get that at all. Anyway …

I’d never heard Moon Zero before. I thought he was ok. Nice big wall of sound kind of thing. I’ll probably look his stuff up on Spotify and see if I like the recorded versions.

Greg Haines was really good. Again I’d never heard his stuff, but I really did enjoy it and I’m now looking forward to hearing more of his music on Spotify.


Fennesz was great. Played a lot of pieces I love and of course was the main reason for me going in the first place.


I was also looking forward to hearing Jon Hassel but could only stay for a short part of his set sadly. Overall it was a good evening with some new things to listen to soon as well.

Fennesz – Bécs


I have been looking forward to this for a while. A new Fennesz album is something to be enjoyed slowly. I’ve barely listened to it once so far and already I can say that it has great range. There’s some deeply moving material in there and I’ve enjoyed the album. Perhaps not as much as Black Sea, which is a personal favourite, but it’s early so far and I need to let this album settle and get used to it.

One thing that it reminds me, is that listening takes time, requires depth, concentration and perseverance. It doesn’t come quickly, but the wait, the effort, is always worth it. Especially with Fennesz.