Big Finish: Survivors – Exodus


The second episode of Survivors is just as good, and just as dark as well. It works well. It isn’t easy listening at all. In some ways it is just like an extended part of the first episode really. Not that that’s a bad thing you understand.

Blake’s 7: Warship

Warship cover

I listened to this again today, a great story, a really good jaunt back to the original series. I think I’m going to have to give in and start buying the latest series.

Dear Big Finish, stop being awesome, it’s costing me a fortune

Having just watched Survivors (the last BBC version) for the third time (I think), I hear today that Big Finish are releasing a version of the classic TV series as an audio book. Their series 1 will be 240 minutes long and features, amongst others, Louise Jameson.

I don’t begrudge big finish, it’s just that they seem intent on releasing excellent content that I want to buy, resulting in me having to spend loads of money with them. On the one hand I don’t want them to stop, and on the other, actually I don’t want them to stop at all. I’d rather they just kept it up as it goes.

Dark Eyes 2

I really enjoyed this. As I listened to it I had no idea where it was going or what was going to happen, and I really like that in a story. I did guess the end of the story about 30 minutes before the end. Even so, it was an awesome story over almost 4 hours. Evey minute worthwhile.

I think it’s been left open for a Dark Eyes 3. Perhaps we’ll need to wait another couple of years for that though.

Doctor Who: White Ghosts

White Ghosts cover

Another excellent story in the 4th Doctor adventures from Big Finish. It picked up from the last episode and kept the pace going the whole way through. It’s a classic story type for Doctor Who as well. Thoroughly enjoyable. Every minute of it.

4th Doctor: The Energy of the Daleks


Another great story from the first series of fourth Doctor stories from Big Finish, and I can barely remember it from the first time around. I listened to it yesterday and it’s awesome. A classic Dalek romp.

I hadn’t realised that Leela had never done a Dalek story. In fact, the fourth doctor didn’t do many either. Primarily Genesis and Destiny of the Daleks. Neither of which contained Leela. So this story is very significant indeed.

4th Doctor: Philip Hinchcliffe Presents


I’m really looking forward to this. Two stories, a six part and a four part. I love the longer and more involved stories and with Philip Hinchcliffe it’s going to be excellent.

Big Finish really are awesome and are putting out some truly awesome content these days.

8th Doctor: The Last

The next 8th Doctor story is another good one so far. An interesting story although far from uplifting sadly. Even so, the story arc is slowly moving onwards with each story and I’m sure it’ll get there in the end.